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     Welcome to the the Families in Transition Forms Page. This will briefly tell you what to expect.

     Forms are no longer provided in Word and WordPerfect format.  All of the forms are now provided in a format called PDF, which stands for portable document format or portable document file.  

     If you display or download a PDF file, you will have to have a program called Adobe Acrobat Reader loaded on your computer. It is free, and can be downloaded by clicking on the Orange Adobe Button at the top of the Forms page.       This will take  you to the Adobe web site. 
 Get Acrobat Reader Icon

     Follow the instructions which you will see on the page, and it will walk you through how you can download and install the Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer.

     Once you install Acrobat Reader properly on you computer, you will only have to double click on the form you want to see.  This will automatically load Adobe Acrobat Reader and load the form you want to see.  The form will display and print identically to the original form.

     Please Note:   As a further service to users, some of the forms are now marked interactive or fill-in-the-blank.  If you load one of these forms, you can use the tab key to go from one fill in blank to another, or you can click on the area in which you want to type with your mouse.  E.g., to input the Case Number, just click in the area to the right of the words Case Number in the caption, and then type in the Case Number you wish to use.  Hitting the Tab key will take you to the next fill-in blank.  Hitting Shift-Tab will take you to the previous fill-in blank.