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The Honorable J. Anthony Miller
Courtroom No. 348
             Phone:  596-5334 
Clerk:        Nikki Godwin
    Phone:   596-5336
Reporter:   Barbara Tiffee
    Phone:   596-5335
Bailiff:        Elaine Blythe (afternoon)
    Phone:   596-5373
The Honorable Theresa Dreiling
Courtroom No. 379
             Phone:  596-5397   
Clerk:       Kimberlee Rutledge
    Phone:  596-5399
Reporter:   Brenda El Hassan
    Phone:   596-5398
Bailiff:        Elaine Blythe
    Phone:   596-5317
The Honorable Tammy Bruce
Courtroom No.  605
             Phone:  596-5330 
Clerk:        Shana Grandstaff
    Phone:   596-5332
Reporter:   Dana Rush
    Phone:   596-5331
Bailiff:        Elaine Blythe
    Phone:   596-5333
The Honorable Stephen Clark
Courtroom No. 349
             Phone:  596-5354
Clerk:    Suzi Collins
    Phone:   596-5356
Reporter:  Roberta Johnson
    Phone:   596-5355
Bailiff:       Elaine Blythe (afternoon)
    Phone:   596-5373
The Honorable Owen Evans
Courtroom No: 378
             Phone:  596-5314

Clerk:       Linda McMurray
    Phone:  596-5316
Reporter:   Brenda Coalwell
    Phone:  596-5315
Bailiff:       Elaine Blythe (afternoon)
    Phone:  596-5373

Domestic Abuse Protective Orders
The Honorable Martha Rupp Carter
Courtroom No. 111
             Phone:  596-5494
Clerk:       Kimberly Wiley
    Phone:   596-5372
Reporter:   Judy Brown
    Phone:   596-5371
Bailiff:       Kayla Chalker
    Phone:   596-5373