Length of jury service


Jurors are called for ONE WEEK.  If a juror is called to a trial which will extend beyond one week, the juror will have an opportunity before being selected to state any reasons why a longer term of service would create undue hardship.




Business casual is the minimum dress standard for jurors.





Jurors will be reimbursed up to $1.50 per day for parking.  Jurors may park at no cost in the Civic Center Parkade located just east of Houston Avenue on West 3rd Street.  A map showing the Civic Center Parkade and the Tulsa County Courthouse is printed on your jury summons.



Persons Who Are Not Qualified


The following persons are not qualified to serve as jurors:  Justices or judges, sheriffs or deputy sheriffs, jailors or law enforcement officers having custody of prisoners, attorneys engaged in the practice of law, legislators during session, convicted felons, persons living outside Tulsa County.


Persons over 70 years of age and persons who have served on jury duty within the last two years are not compelled to serve as jurors.


If you believe you should be excused from jury service, please contact the jury clerk at 596-5529.




Jurors are paid $20 per day for each day of attendance on jury duty and mileage reimbursement at the rate set by the State of Oklahoma.