How to access your Court file records and download your Judgment.


At the end of  your trial, the Judge will  make a decision in your case.  This decision is entered on  a form called a Journal Entry of Judgment and it details such things as who won, how much money was ordered to be paid, whether Court Costs or Attorney Fees were ordered to be paid, etc.  

After the Judge signs the Journal Entry, the Judge's Clerk enters the information in the computer and then files the Journal Entry of Judgment on the second floor of the Courthouse at the Small Claims Desk.

You can usually pick up a copy of the Journal Entry after 3:00 p.m. on the first business day after the Judge signed the Journal Entry of Judgment.  If you do not want to come downtown again to pick up the Journal Entry, you can download and print it here at that same time and date.

Each case has a docket sheet, which is a diary or calendar of everything that has happened in the case or is scheduled to happen in the future.  To access your file's docket sheet, you must type in your Case Number in the space provided below, or at the top of this page.  It must be in the exact form indicated below or it will not work. 

When you are finished, click on the blue button the says "Search".   If you have typed in the correct number, you should see a long docket sheet with your case's name and number at the top.  Scroll down until you see an entry like the sample below.

Click on the "Document Available" image which you see in blue above. Your internet browser should be able to view and print this type of image file ( called a .tiff file ).  When it comes up just print it off on your printer.  You may want to use your Page setup controls if you want to print it on long paper.  If you can't get it to come up with your browser, you might want to install a free TIFF browser from www.alternaTiff.com .


   If you are the Plaintiff or Defendant, be sure to read whether the Court ordered you to mail a copy of the Journal Entry to the other side !